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Woodlouse and other lice in amber

Woodlouse and other lice in amber.


Psocoptera (6f., 7g., 8sp.)


Archaeatropos perantiqua (Cockerell, 1919)


Burmacompsocus perreaui Nel & Waller, 2007
Paraelectrentomopsis chenyangcaii Azar, Hakim & Huang, 2016


Cretoscelis burmitica Grimaldi & Engel, 2005


Palaeomanicapsocus fouadi Azar, Hakim, Huang, Cai & Nel, 2016
Palaeomanicapsocus margoae Azar, Hakim, Huang, Cai & Nel, 2016


Burmipachytrocta singularis Azar, Huang, Cai & Nel, 2014


Family incertae sedis

‘Psyllipsocus’ banksi Cockerell, 1916

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