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Mosquito in amber

Mosquito in amber, mosquitos are the deadliest known creatures to man and although true mosquitos are rare compared to midges and crane flies in amber they have been found in Burmese amber. One of the remarkable discoveries in Burmese amber is the finding of mosquitoes that date back to the Cretaceous period. These ancient mosquito specimens offer valuable insights into the morphology and behavior of these insects in the distant past. Scientists have been able to study their physical characteristics, feeding habits, and ecological interactions through the exceptionally preserved specimens found in the amber. Additionally, Burmese amber has provided evidence of blood-engorged mosquitoes, indicating their feeding behavior in prehistoric times. Some researchers have even speculated that the remains of blood in the mosquito's abdomen could potentially contain traces of ancient vertebrate blood, providing insights into the host preferences and paleoecology of these insects and their vertebrate hosts from millions of years ago. The discoveries in Burmese amber, including ancient mosquitoes, continue to be an essential source of information for paleontologists, offering a window into the distant past and shedding light on the ecosystems and life forms that once inhabited our planet. Regenerate

female mosquito in amber

The mosquito below has an interesting double mouth

mosquito in amber


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