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Wasp in amber

Wasp in amber.

A wasp is any insect of the narrow-waisted suborder Apocrita of the order Hymenoptera which is neither a bee nor an ant; this excludes the broad-waisted sawflies (Symphyta), which look somewhat like wasps, but are in a separate suborder. The wasps do not constitute a clade, a complete natural group with a single ancestor, as bees and ants are deeply nested within the wasps, having evolved from wasp ancestors. Wasps that are members of the clade Aculeata can sting their prey.
wasp in amber

We have wasps with stings and stingless in amber

wasp in amber

If you are looking for a specific wasp or a specific stage of development or are looking for wasps infected with endo or ecto parasites or interspecies interaction let us know and we will check to see if there are specimens matching your requirements available.

wasp in amber

Hymenoptera (39f., 62g., 75sp.)

Ampulicidae= The Ampulicidae, or cockroach wasps, are a small (about 170 species), primarily tropical family of sphecoid wasps, all of which use various cockroaches as prey

Apodolichurus diaphanus Antropov, 2000

Apodolichurus sphaerocephalus Antropov, 2000

Cretampulex gracilis Antropov, 2000

Mendampulex monilicularis Antropov, 2000

†Aptenoperissidae (extinct wasps)

Aptenoperissus burmanicus Rasnitsyn & Poinar, 2016

Bethylidae - The Bethylidae are a family of aculeate wasps in the superfamily Chrysidoidea. As a family, their biology ranges between parasitoid wasps and hunting wasps.

Apenesia electriphila Cockerell, 1917

Bethylitella cylindrella Cockerell, 1917

Epyris atavellus Cockerell, 1920

Sclerodermus quadridentatum Cockerell, 1917


Archaeorhyssalus subsolanus Engel, 2016

Rhetinorhyssalus morticinus Engel, 2016


Bryopompilus interfector Engel & Grimaldi, 2006

Chalcididae - The Chalcididae are a moderate-sized family within the Chalcidoidea, composed mostly of parasitoids and a few hyperparasitoids.


Burmastatus triangularis Antropov, 2000

Cretospilomena familiaris Antropov, 2000

Prolemistus apiformis Antropov, 2000



Burmadryinus cenomanianus Olmi, Xu & Guglielmino, 2014

Burmanteon olmii Engel, 2003

Hybristodryinus resinicolus Engel, 2005

Ponomarenkoa ellenbergeri Olmi, Xu & He, 2013

Pseudodryinus burmensis Olmi, Xu & Guglielmino, 2014


Ampulicomorpha janzeni Olmi, Rasnitsyn, Brothers & Guglielmino, 2014


Cretevania bechlyi Jennings, Krogmann & Mew, 2013

Mesevania swinhoei Basibuyuk & Rasnitsyn, 2000

Sorellevania deansi Engel, 2006



Galloroma kachinensis Engel & Grimaldi, 2007

Gasteruptiidae (=Aulacidae)

Electrofoenus gracilipes Cockerell, 1917

Hypselogastrion simplex Engel & Wang, 2016

Hyptiogastrites electrinus Cockerell, 1917

Protofoenus swinhoei Cockerell, 1917


Caloichneumon perrarus Li, Kopylov, Shih & Ren, 2016

Novichneumon longus Li, Kopylov, Shih & Ren, 2016


Burmaimetsha concava Perrichot, 2013

Maimetshasia kachinensis Perrichot, 2013




Melittosphex burmensis Poinar & Danforth, 2006


Myanmymar aresconoides Huber, 2011


Archaeromma gibsoni Engel & Grimaldi, 2007


Othniodellitha mantichora Engel & Huang, 2016


Abropelecinus tytthus Guo, Shih & Ren, 2016

Brachypelecinus euthyntus Guo, Shih & Ren, 2016

Zoropelecinus zigrasi Engel & Grimaldi, 2013


Cascoscelio incassus Poinar & Buckley, 2011


Habraulacus zhaoi Li, Rasnitsyn, Shih & Ren, 2015


Eorhopalosoma goryra Engel, 2008


Cretosapyga resincola Bennett & Engel, 2005


Geoscelio mckellari Engel & Huang, 2016


Siccibythus musculosus Cockx & McKellar, 2016


Serphites sp.



Diaspathion ortegai Engel & Huang, 2015



Kronostephanus zigrasi Engel & Grimaldi, 2013

Phoriostephanus exilis Engel & Huang, 2016


Burmaphron tridentatum Engel & Grimaldi, 2009

Burmaphron prolatum Engel & Grimaldi, 2009


Syspastoxyela rhaphidia Engel & Huang, 2016


Thanatotiphia nyx Engel, Ortega-Blanco & Bennett, 2009


Family incertae sedis

Cirrosphex admirabilis Antropov, 2000

Trigampulex pervetus (Cockerell, 1917)

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