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Tarantula in Burmite

They have special stridulating organs in their chelicerae, which are made of short spines. Males have a palpal bulb which ends in a long and slender blade like spine, females have one pair of spermatheca. The anterior eyes form almost a straight line. Their legs have a narrower scapulae at the tip of the metatarsus.
Chilobrachys andersoni for example is commonly known as the Burmese mustard tarantula, or Burmese Brown, is a species of spider of the genus Chilobrachys. It is found in India, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. We have not identified the species yet and will update with details once it has been researched. Although this spider in amber is very large it is probably still very young as in the Kachin forests we have found them up to 8 inches in length.

Tarantula goliath bird eating spider in amber

more interactions coming such as lizard vs spider and Bird eating spider collection coming soon.