amber inclusion archive

'Pterosauria' in amber

Macro Imaging of amber

This hi resolution macro image differs from previous images as intense diffused lighting was necessary and images were stacked using a Nikon D850. By using such lighting surface glare on the amber is minimised. A common problem to try and avoid is ambers being ground down to produce a window required to convince people of a creature in the amber. Professor Christopher Meehan's incredible CT rendering helped us understand visual aspects that were being misunderstood, they also helped reveal many incredible hard to believe features many of which need microscopy etc to support but in the image below if you look carefully directly underneath Romeo are the long delicate wing-claw bones of a yet to be sexed parent, the fingers run from left towards right underneath Romeo with Romeo's magnificent tail feather curving upwards as if it was frantically trying to save its child from the amber horror. We can then see the incredible digit 4 part of the wing continuing and curving back inwards towards Romeo. If you would like to see a zoomed out version of this image Click here

Bird in amber

Metasaur is simply a random unnofficial name assigned to a group of arboreal volant tetrapods that lived in amber tree cavities often getting trapped when hibernating or when pregnant. This type of clean amber is difficult to find as it is not part of the amber mass on the trunk of the tree but from amber that has flooded a hollow in the tree. If you find difficulty seeing the fourth digit or the wingclaw then please look at the micro ct slices or email us for fuller data.